Friday, 27 February 2015

Krzysztof Penderecki - Symphony No. 3 - Andante con moto

for to-night

Giacinto Scelsi: Sonata per violino e pianoforte (1934)

all...out of time......~

Scelsi: Hymnos (1963)

Scelsi: Konx-Om-Pax (1968) words

Dead Can Dance - Song of the Stars (Pina version)

just..wonderful, enchanting..

she came through the void

imagine to be in the  wrong dream, and it is not yours.
i am put up with impossible tasks which i didn't choose.
i love the king's daughter and i long for her kiss and arms.
i long for her as a woman, her warmth, kindness, tenderness.
my skins burns with longing.
i love her as she is.
She is far away and wants me to run all light like laughing sunbeams  and flow like the wind.
maybe she likes me to fill rooms with my voice and dance to her heart with my love.
i love her and i want her.
but she says my presence in the universe is quite enough and may be too much already.
she is a wonder, a surprise and astonishment.
i love her voice which is sometimes rough and nearly breaks, it is as if a crow calls me to sleep and the nightingales are already singing in the background.
i love her in many ways and i want her in many ways.
longing and desire may hide love at times and then i feel lost in dark spaces of my self.
she does not stretch out her hand but points, tells me to dig there, in black holes, lonely tunnels,like a mole, shows me to go all through these nights with no oars to row.
i cannot walk out of the laws of attraction and repulsion, i cannot fly out of gravity and still keep my balance. i am quite used to my heaviness by now.
i do not wish to live without longing, the warmth and softness of a woman, however hard headed and croooked she may be, after all, she is the king's daughter and a princess from far away stars and she came through the void and death to be here where i found her to be. so she must be as she is.
i am just a man in this world who wants this woman and nobody else.
my longing is a nutshell on an ocean to find home. my light is my home and my darkness is too, my life is my home and my death is too. she can be part of my home.
desire is in the sky, longing is here.
and love and is and it feels good and right.
i wish she wouldn't try so hard to make me develop as a non-physical being, i am not a beam from a faro though i can be. i am not mere spirit, i cannot drink so much. i'd rather turn into smoke and watch myself across the mountains, forests and lakes, gliding, dreaming, forever changing.
and still, all this is me.
and even though she may not see, it is her too.
meeting mirrors the essence of beings and a being between starts to form and transcend all
words said and deeds done, in good and in bad.
so, now, i breathe and i am and i love and i long. and i let it be.

Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride 1968 HQ

Visit the sick,Rumi

- Visit the Sick -
Visit the sick, and you will heal yourself.
The ill person may be a Sufi master,
And your kindness will be repaid in wisdom.
Even if the sick person is your enemy,
You will still benefit,
For kindness has the power to transform
Sworn enemies into firm friends.
And if there is no healing of bad feeling,
There certainly will be less ill will,
Because kindness is the greatest of all balms.
- Molana Jalaluddin Rumi (RA)

-found on fb, Sufi poetry page-