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Friday, 20 October 2017

Donovan , Hurdy Gurdy Man (audio)

The Traveling Wilburys , Handle With Care

have we forgotten how to walk?

After the orgasm, the last
i walked like an Egyptian
for two hours,
then i forgot.

After my last inspiration,
I could fly like an angel
until i got too tired.

This world is inhospitable
and often hostile to the soul
of men and animals and trees

but here, in this part,
we complain though we
have enough to eat and drink

we say modern societies make
us clones and suffocate
our joy and our suffering

we say anonymity, pornography,
commercialization of needs
make us slaves and cripple our heart

we say life is empty of meaning here
and everybody is alone
and all else must be illusion

i am tired to hear this.
There is no truth in it,
to think must lead to freedom,
not to intellectual masturbation

analysis must set free
not bind us into desperation:
have we forgotten how to walk?

this means i am unwilling to live
subjected to cynicism:
this is what i oppose.