Sunday, 7 February 2016

spring is being difficult

it is the time of year when color will win against white and life will bud under frost.
it is the time when green sprouts up from ashes and dead roots.
the warm winds arrived from the mountains, melting snow and hearts and heads.
frost and rain took turns, snow, clouds, ice, fog, storms, the fight of the seasons.
until now we have reason to think spring will win and summer will come, and maybe we will embrace and kiss in a gentle breeze.
in myself it is the same fight as in you, life and death. though we must die it does not mean that death is the winner. the cycles of nature shown to us do not show winners but life.
i will survive this way or another one in which i will give myself if i want to or not.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Maurice Ravel Jeux d'Eau

in the end: i don't know

there is the shiver of truth
right down my spine:
the shiver doesn't make truth true.

what appears to be true today
will it be true tomorrow?
truth, they say,
changes with the observer,
and then,
the observer changes

there is no constant truth
as far as objective truth is concerned.
there are many truths,
is there one truth?

when i sit in silence
truths passing through my mind
i jut let them pass,
i don't feel obliged to thoughts.
i can only try to be true

is there a god,
what kind of a god can this be,
why do we die?
will i be reborn again?

why am i alive?
well i know
that i don't know.
in the end: i don't know.

why do we have to do
things we don't like?
why do we suffer?
why are people bad?
what is bad?

we have to live
and accept not to know
and we have to be true
and say it.
but we can stay curious
as children are.

what is infinity,
what is zero,
where does music come from?

when i look into the night sky,
which stars are dead already
though i can see their light?

no, questions are
the only essential questions
are the ones
children ask.

They teach us modesty,
they keep us awake,
they are the channels
to serenity and wisdom.

François-Bernard Mâche ... L'Estuaire du temps