Friday, 28 August 2015

re-framing obstacles into chances, Dena Weinberg

"There are no problems, only opportunities for growth." –Rebbetzin Dena Weinberg:

Rabih Abou-Khalil - Shaving is boring

what a title, quite true...and then see the poem attached in youtube...:-)

Sophie Zelmani - Lost In Love

There's a drawback in living for
The moment, in loving life too much
Every time you're lost in love
You wonder when the love will stop
I'm lost in love
There's a price to pay if you
Want to enjoy the present time
To be that thankful demands that you
Are always carrying death in mind
Death is around
There's a point to put off some things
And save them for a rainy day
Only those about to die
Are acting in a perfect way
Who wants to die
There's an answer to why you can
So rarely take in what you see
The pleasure is followed by
A fear you want to avoid to feel
I'm so lost in love
There's a freedom in making plans
To think about a future and
There's a comfort in being sure
That it'll be long before the end
I'm not making plans
There's a reason to why so many
Only get one little chance
If the song was sung forever
No one'd ever stop to dance

Sophie Zelmani - The Ocean And Me

It's the ocean and me
We're the ones to be
I always fall asleep
Beside the sea

And we've got a certain way
How it wakes me everyday
I never know though
With what kind of wave

And you know about oceans
How brutaly it can rush
Drown you, or calmly cares
You with a gentle touch

Sometimes I bring my boat
When I believe it'll let me float
It's just that I'm so often
Returning soaked

The ocean has you
Has the waves of you
And i never felt a sea
So blue


Moddi - Silhouette + mp3 download

...and then came the waves on our boats
on our boats
the loudest laugther no one knows
no one knows
a helpless child you are on your own
on your own
can you feel how it brakes on your bones
on your bones
the loudest laughter no one owns
no one owns
silhouettes in the sky, dancing ghosts
dancing ghosts
a helpless child you are on your own

Kansas - Dust in the Wind