Tuesday, 27 January 2015

value and misunderstanding of mythology: thoughts on romantic love

I wish to clear some possible errors in understanding myth, mythology, emotional patterns and expectations.

Ariadne, Theseus and Dionysos. Orpheus and Eurydike.
These are wonderful myths, rich, rich in depth and feeling.
The Greek mythology didn't promiss salvation.
It let us participate in all the tragedy, suffering, comedy and joy of life ,love and death.

Only at first bourgeois romanticism regulating life in sleeping rooms and at tea parties started to make promisses of  religious fulfillment. it was, maybe one could say it, encrypting marital violence.

And nowadays mass production of  double hearts coming with a new car and flat, furniture, food and lifestyle goodies oriented on consumerism makes it all sadly ridiculous. Romantic stories turn out to be mere pornography of the hunt for taxable pleasure.

Personally i do not see anything wrong with romantic feeling as long as it is true, secret and kept away from these lines of influence. Not romanticism, no. But people have bolts and doors and windows and longing and desire. they can melt for short eternal moments, in soul, spirit and body. they cannot melt together in life. to live and love together or apart is an active process which requires full awareness and effort.

it is important to see that no crucifix and no lover will save us.
Love itself is not a myth but it is a myth too, a different one for each human on this earth.
It certainly is not "just" a myth.

But on the other hand, i do not want to live without myths, fairy stories, all the memories of mankind,
and i advocate a life with all its richness, feeling all the joy in living, moving, early morning light and sunsets,  in Eros, in sharing and melting,  being able to let go, well knowing that nothing like that is permanent or leaves me as an angel flying through the dark forever.

To fly through the dark, we have to do it ourselves.
We can but stretch out a hand, sometimes.

We don't need to come away from all expectations and hopes.
We have to recognize them for what they are and what they mean to our real self.
And we must be able to live inside ourselves.

Tim Buckley - The River

This Mortal Coil · Waves Become Wings

This Mortal Coil - Another Day


maybe not

no idea


i lost nearly a complete tooth in sleep....it should tell me something

Olafur Arnalds ~ Undan Hulu ∞ The Cello Song

Ólafur Arnalds - Kjurrt [...And They Have Escaped the Weight of Darkness]

a view on the most frequent causes of "illness" in a Western society

About eight years ago I had to write up a curriculum by which I would train young medical practitioners in my office.
Though in large parts written in non-medical simple German language it was approved by the Medical Council which surprised me considerably. I obtained the licence to train doctors for 24 months.

I try to translate the central part.

A General Practitioner's view on the most frequent causes of suffering and illness in rich capitalist Western countries

Lack of movement
Lack of motivation
Lack of true feeling
Lack of experience of self "value"
Lack of any true/own image of oneself
Lack of "valuable"/own/true/right aims in life

Estrangement from one's life and self. Inability to use the tools of thought and questions. Rigidity in imagination. Dependency on social convention leading to fear, failure and confusion. Environmental and self poisoning.

I advocated a different schooling system as a footnote, also stressing that teaching sports as a subject oriented on high performance and good marks should be of less importance than leading children and adults into the experience of joy of movement, even if not completely without discipline

Monday, 26 January 2015

the pursuit of happiness: run, rabbit, run

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. "
source: The American declaration of independence

absurd...the pursuit of happiness, pursuit and happiness, means and goal, both...
why, fuck, i have to run after the carrot?
a free man's spittle drooling from my mouth....?

Vashti Bunyan - Across the Water

Fall into sleep as the sun comes up
And wake at the back of noon
Drift through the hours as the sun gets lower
Till the days are lit by the moon
Every day is every day
Can't tell one from the other
Wait to fall at the end of it all
As stones skip across the water
Lived on wit, got away with it
Hummed a universal tune
Found a thread away in the head
Followed it over the moon
Every day is every day
One foot in front of the other
Learn to fall with the grace of it all
As stones skip across the water

Laurie Anderson - Someone Else's Dream

well, i know these nights...not these days but i know them well

Cantico delle Creature - Angelo Branduardi (con testo)

though the combination is a bit kitschy


i am growing
green scales
golden eyes

and i sleep
in silence
nobody hears
my breath

i smell with my tongue
i feel the earth
vibrate underground

i shed my skin,
i wear a shimmering
garment of stars

there is
a new space
to be filled
and it is mine

in which
i am coiled up
my peace


my flue taught me to re-coil
like a snake,
sleeping energy,

unfortunately these pics are borrowed from forgotten  sources

Olafur Arnalds - Happiness Does Not Wait (Original Mix)

no, now or...