Dienstag, 25. November 2014

Hanging on a Star Nick Drake


whatever the fog hides,
the wind will tell me.
the veil in your eyes
hints at secret places.

but the smile and joy
shows light and spirit.
though there is
so much broken,
inside, us,

shards, sharp splinters,
glittering glass, thorns,
lost love , dark ,
mould, grey moss,

old wounds and pain, scars,
frozen blood, clots in the heart,
death and decay,
unfinished business

a bad smell of memories
sticking to us,
in the wrinkles inside,
the sagging deep of soul

pieces of pieces of pieces
which will never find
to each other again,
no need to explore,
no need for glue.

NOW can be
a holy garden
protected by walls
which we  create
to stay in peace

we will
meet there now..

Johann Sebastian BACH Adagio, BWV 974 - La vie passante, Christian Bobin...

Sonntag, 23. November 2014

Samstag, 22. November 2014

Vashti Bunyan - Hidden

paths toward light

near Heroldstatt, Sontheim

no words associated

"There is  fine vibration that encompasses everything within Being, and it provokes an investigation that does not have any words associated with it,.."

"If a blind man wants to grope his way forward through the darkness that belongs to him, it is certain that he will use his hearing, but as things grow closer, nothing will substitute for the sense of touch, for that subtle vibration of contact and that direct intimacy that comes from the closest possible encounter with the environment."

from: http://zenyogagurdjieff.blogspot.de/

close to the edge

i am like the sea
i follow a rhythm
much older than me

i reach out,
i shrink away,
i have my tides

i touch the land,
retire in me,
come again
swelling, then
breaking in waves

the wind wrinkles my face,
the sun steals my water,
i am the ocean,
i give
but i cannot die

rains fill me,
i am so deep,
i feel too vast,

i am in all parts
and i live as a part.
i must be
so very small.

sometimes i think
i drown
in myself

i live so close
to the edge.
i want to touch,

and often
i think
i will never
reach your shore

Freitag, 21. November 2014

November: to open the sky

when you think,
all is relative.
when you feel,
all flows.

when you walk,
step for step
is a surpise.

when you run,
you don't see
what is near.

i want to rip
through the clouds,
open the sky,
i cannot

i sit
i doesn't change
but i change.

and instead,
i open my eyes,
i see.

Donnerstag, 20. November 2014


meander through
these dark places
in my life.

dying a little,
day for day,

spirit, clear,
bitter, sweet

still growing inside,
green under snow,

hour for hour,
i kiss the night

a river,
flowing now,

i am calling.

i am not a white coat doctor

no. i am not a white coat doctor. i never was. i never wanted to be.
i am always who i am.
a human, a man, as honest as i  can be, listening, in opposition, with compassion,
i take the piss out of you or i  take you in my arms, i am there. nobody has to like me.
it will be easy for me to stop being a doctor because i will remain just the same man.
i never took on another face but my true one. i don't shut up though i may repent what i said. then i will say:sorry. what i feel now to be true may not be true tomorrow: and i know it. and if you are intelligent: you know it. all is change, everything flows. i will die, now i live. science knows this today and that tomorrow. i don't trust in it anymore: this is wisdom of experience.
i don't need to advertise. i am too busy. i don't want to be that much busy, obviously.
you can stay away from my office. you can stay away from me. you cannot stay away from truth forever.
ja, i am horrible but kind. face me and i will see you.
make me listen, and i will ask. ask me, and i will answer.
but i don't know.i know what i don't know.this is a lot to know. i am an authority without trying or needing to be. i am a shaman, and i want to be. but i may not be good and i may not be good being a shaman.
i am as crazy as i am, as i was and i will remain this way: freeing myself of yesterday's opinions day for day.
good night.